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This site features the Saturn V and related (custom models, art work, renderings,  information, etc).  We invite any works that would contribute to the site.   I am not an expert, just an enthusiast, and will need lots of help with facts and corrections.  So any assistance is greatly appreciated.  I look forward to seeing the site evolve over time. 

We are active members at NASA Space Center Houston.  We attend just about every monthly member morning, preview, and special events.  We have met, and have access to, many astronauts, engineers, NASA faculty and exhibits.  Including, the only flight certified Saturn V in the world!  We hope to take advantage of this access, and have it contribute to the site.  Please check the site out over time, as we add and make changes.  Thanks for visiting!

-Brian Flores

Meet the Family of Makers

We are a family of makers and space enthusiasts
  • Brian Flores

    Maker. Web Developer, 3D Printing, Electronics, and Space Enthusiast.

  • Debbie Flores

    Nourishment provider. Best Supporter and critic on the planet!

  • Kira Flores

    Master LUT railing assembler. Can also tell you all about Saturn V, Europa and its moons!

  • Gavin Flores

    Jr. Maker. Saturn V, LUT and DSKY Assembly Helper. 3D Printer Operator. Filament loader.

  • Emery Flores

    Tool transporter, Eye Glass locator, Energy booster and Part Holder.

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Talented individuals that have assisted in the saturnv.com projects