Apollo 50th Celebration

Space Center Houston Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Celebration

We completed the model one week before the Apollo 11 50th anniversary.   We brought the Saturn V, and the Launch Umbilical Tower (LUT) to Space Center Houston for the 50th celebration.  When they saw it completed and assembled, they asked if they could keep it as a permanent Space Center Houston display!  Of course we said yes!  How honored!  If you missed it at the 50th anniversary celebration event, no worries.  They are making a permanent display case for it now, and will be on display for everyone to come and see!  We will update the site, when that happens.  Below are the photos and video of the Space Center Houston Apollo 50th Anniversary event.  They truly blew it out of the park! Was absolutely incredible.  Florida had Duran Duran, D.C. had the Saturn V projected on the Washington Monument.  We at Space Center Houston had Walk the Moon!!  I have been to many concerts in my life.  Probably hundreds.  And this one was in the top 5 for me.  The energy Walk the Moon created was incredible!  15 thousand people jumping, dancing, singing with fireworks, light bands, etc.  That along with the Space Shuttle on a 747 backdrop!  Wow.. it was a night we will never forget.   I watched videos of Florida and DC.. and none reflected the energy Space Center Houston had IMHO.  We were so fortunate!  Mad Props to Space Center Houston and crew for an out of this world forever memorable experience!