Apollo Guidance Computer / DSKY

We started the Apollo Guidance Computer / DSKY Arduino project in August 2018. We purchased the DSKY electronics kit from S&T GeoTronics, and went from there. We cannot thank Marc and James, at S&T GeoTronics, enough for sharing his incredible designs with us. Would also like to thank Dave Shaw for the incredible 3D modeling and designs. The below documents the build history detail.

August 2018

Printed using a Prusa i3 MK3.  We used MatterHackers MH Build Series Black PLA and Filacube Engineering Grey PLA.

September 2018

3D Printing and Assembly.  3D modeled many variants of the front plate to account for solder leads from board.  


David Shaw creates a new design, to make the DSKY look more like the original.  I modified with slots, and to add the screws.  Here is the completed design.